To help business access the scope of services that are available, SBA has contracted Boomerang Business Strategies Inc. to provide delivery of "The Vision Transformation Process™”. It is a multi- step program that examines the current status of a business operation, the potential for growth, and most uniquely the quality of life that is desired by the entrepreneur. From that steps are taken to assist the entrepreneur achieve not only his professional and business goals but also his or her life goals.

“Balance and clear vision are the keys to a successful business and a great quality of life”, explains Hills

According to Hills, the people that qualify and benefit most from participating in the program are the driven entrepreneurs who inevitably find themselves handling responsibilities and issues that should be handled by others. They become entrenched in crisis management and day to day operational workings of the business instead of focusing upon building the business or doing what they most enjoy and do best. In other words they tend to get caught up in what we call "The Plate Spinner Syndrome™".

The Vision Transformation Process ™ helps business owners to see the big picture, to create wealth by building a great team for support, and to develop a system which will allow them to do the work they do best and still enjoy free time with friends and family.

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