In order to better service our growing client base SBA has developed a range of alliances both inside and outside of Bermuda. These alliances have been created with well-established and experienced organizations to ensure that SBA can provide the tools to encourage "Smooth Sailing for Entrepreneurs™". SBA will be pleased to work with any of our clients to identify which of these alliance partners might best be able to provide the services to complement the strategic plans established by the business.

Many of these alliances partners will make presentations at certain intervals of the program sessions during the year. We would urge all clients to consider the services of these organization. They have services which can benefit your growth and success.

The Alliance Partners are as follows:

emedia is a Bermudian-owned and operated full-service design studio. We offer top-notch creative talent, innovative strategy and account management expertise to handle a broad range of Marketing, Website Development and Public Relations needs.

We offer effective communications initiatives and fresh ideas that engage consumers, build brands and drive marketplace results. Let us bring a fresh approach to your business.

Boomerang Business Strategies Inc. has developed a number of strategic and tactical programs to educate, motivate, and encourage entrepreneurs. These programs focus on strategic planning and tactical steps that assist entrepreneurs in being more successful.

BizLaunch has one simple purpose - to advise new entrepreneurs. We're entrepreneurs who have "been there and done that" in our own small businesses, so we know what it takes to succeed. We know first-hand what it takes to research, plan, launch, and grow a successful small business, so our goal is to simply provide the kind of advice that we wish was available when we started our first business many years ago.

Its purpose is to ensure business owners just like you have the appropriate resources to develop a plan that affords you more choice around how you transition the ownership and leadership of your business.

A Bermuda IT Company focused on providing a range of services to large and small business on technology issues.

SAHDigital - 22nd Century Ink
A Canadian company that provides high-quality professional Interactive Media, Digital Design & Multimedia Solutions, specializing in small business Web Site Development.


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